Our eligibility requirements can change depending on the case-load of our attorneys, current demand for services, and activity in the immigration community around the country. However, our standard eligibility criteria for direct legal representation include:

  • Status: NWIRP supports immigrants, asylum-seekers and refugees. Income: NWIRP typically works with individuals who have an annual income of less than $13,000 US, or those in a household of four with an annual income of less than $26,500 US.
  • Hardship in Home Country: NWIRP often takes cases of those who risk returning to countries where they would face significant hardships.
  • Cases of Abuse: NWIRP tries to help those who lack legal status and are being physically or emotionally abused by someone in their family.
  • Other factors, such as language barriers, age of applicant, and situation with dependents, are taken into account when deciding whether to take your case.

If you have an immigration question and believe you meet these criteria, please contact the appropriate office.

Please also reference a list of private attorneysPrivate Attorneys List as well as some of the classes NWIRP provides.

NWIRP is a non-profit organization and is not paid by the government to represent immigrants. Even among those who qualify for our services, we are only are able to provide legal representation to a small number of people who apply for assistance because we do not have the resources to help everyone that needs help.