You can help us in the struggle for the rights of immigrants and refugees.

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NWIRP Seeks Candidates for its Board of Directors

Take a Pro Bono Case

NWIRP heavily relies on legal professionals in the community to augment our resources and increase our ability to provide direct representation to clients. We have a large and diverse pro bono panel but even with the help of this committed group of professionals, can take only the cases of a small percent of the clients who contact us for help. If you or someone you know is in the legal profession and might be able to assist in taking a pro-bono case, please contact:

Jordan S. Wasserman
Pro Bono Coordinating Attorney

Learn more about our Pro Bono Panel.

General Intake Volunteers

This opportunity is intended for college graduates with plans to attend law school, as well law students and law school graduates. NWIRP needs your help conducting initial in-person or phone interviews to potential clients on our waiting list for immigration legal services. We welcome speakers of all languages, although our most urgent need is for Spanish-speaking volunteers. For this unpaid volunteer opportunity, we seek people able to commit for a minimum of ten weeks, full time. If you are unable to commit for this period, we will be happy to hear about your availability. This volunteer opportunity requires computer literacy, typing proficiency and the ability to use an office telephone for long periods of time.

Daniel Pérez
General Intake Coordinator/Legal Advocate

Volunteer Translators / Interpreters
If you are multilingual and would like to volunteer to help NWIRP serve people who have immigrated to Washington from over 100 countries worldwide, then we would love to hear from you! We seek volunteers who can both interpret conversations with clients and translate written materials. To put your gifts to use at NWIRP, please click below to be added to our translator / interpreter list. Please note: Your name will be added to the list but you will not be contacted directly until NWIRP staff have a need for translation or interpretation in the language you offer. We prioritize volunteers who do not charge for their services. Thank you!

Kevin Haag
Office Manager
Join NWIRP's Volunteer Translator / Interpreter list

Data Entry Volunteers

Love details?  Care deeply about capitalization?  We’ve got periodic data entry we’d love your help with!  Interested?  Please contact:

Erin Lunde Keenan
Development & Communications Director