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Our Staff

Granger Office

Adela Ruiz, Accredited Representative

Brittany Given, Staff Attorney

Irma Ramos, Office Manager & Reception

Eilish Villa Malone, Staff Attorney

Keally Cieslik, Staff Attorney

Norma Gutierrez, Accredited Representative

Laura Contreras, Directing Attorney

Laura Ferrari-Agudelo, Staff Attorney

Stephanie McAloon, Supervising Attorney

Yoselyn Ceja Lopez, Legal Advocate

Seattle Office

Aaron Korthuis, Staff Attorney (Impact Litigation)

A.J. Johnson, Accredited Representative (VAWA)

Anarose Reardon-Helferd, Staff Attorney (RDU)

Annie Farber, Accredited Representative (VAWA)

Ashley Piper, Supervising Attorney (VAWA)

Audrey Gilliam, Staff Attorney (Asylum)

Bruna Estrada Fortanelli, Staff Attorney (RDU)

Bruce Yasutake, Grants and Contracts Associate

Carolina Gomez, Office Manager

Chiyo Crawford, Associate Director

Christopher Collado, Staff Attorney (FSU)

Chris Strawn, Staff Attorney (Asylum)

Claudette (Claudia) Antuña, Psy.D Volunteer Forensic Psychological Evaluator

Cristal Ramos, Social Services Coordinator

Daniel Pérez, Accredited Rep., Intake & Outreach Coordinator

Denisse Guadarrama, Staff Attorney (Asylum)

Deniz Uysal-Ferré, Accredited Representative (FSU)

Dustin Hovda, Temporary Attorney (DACA)

Elizabeth Eisenberg, Staff Attorney (RDU)

Emiko Smukler, Legal Advocate and Intake Coordinator (RDU)

Henry Hwang, Staff Attorney (RDU)

Janice Murray, Bookkeeper

Jenny Mashek, Directing Attorney (VAWA)

John Sparks, Finance Director

Jordan Wasserman, Pro Bono Coordinating Attorney

Jorge L. Barón, Executive Director

Kaitlyn Schroeder, Staff Attorney (VAWA)

Kayley Bebber, Staff Attorney (CYAP)

Kevin Haag, Administrative Director

Kevin Hollinz, Staff Attorney (Citizenship)

Kevin Nuñez, Legal Advocate (CYAP)

Lisseth Gaspar, Receptionist

Lizeth Garcia, Legal Advocate (CYAP)

Maggie Cheng, Staff Attorney (Asylum)

Maha Khalil, Staff Attorney (VAWA)

Malou Chávez, Deputy Director

Margot Adams, Legal Fellow

Martin Valencia, Temporary Legal Advocate

Matt Adams, Legal Director

Meghan Casey, Supervising Attorney, Children & Youth Advocacy Program (CYAP)

Melissa Vue, Accredited Representative (Citizenship)

Merkys Gomez, Temporary Attorney (CYAP)

Michele Suarez, Staff Attorney (CYAP)

Miguel Rivas Perez, IT Manager

Miriam Cervantes-Gomez, Accredited Representative (FSU)

Mozhdeh Oskouian, Directing Attorney

Natasha El-Sergany, Staff Attorney (Citizenship)

Omar Haggag, Accredited Representative (Citizenship)

Pragya KC, Accredited Representative (Removal Defense)

Rachael Scheibert, Legal Advocate (VAWA)

Rachel Rubinstein, Staff Attorney (VAWA)

Raul Alvarez, Interim Development and Communications Supervisor

Rebecca Neff Brown, Donor Relations and Events Coordinator

Rocio Martinez, Accredited Representative (VAWA)

Roxana Rahmani, Supervising Attorney (VAWA)

Reyna Carmona, Legal Advocate (VAWA)

Rus Batten, Philanthropy Officer

Sara Flores, Legal Advocate (VAWA)

Sefanit Ghezahegn, Accredited Representative (FSU)

Sofia Velling, Staff Attorney (Asylum)

Stacey Nakagawa, Development Associate

Stephanie Martinez, Supervising Attorney (VAWA)

Sydney Maltese, Legal Advocate (Impact Litigation)

Tess Duong, Accountant

Yessenia Medrano, Staff Attorney (FSU)

Yesenia Bosch Ramos, Staff Attorney

Tacoma Office

Alison Hollinz, Staff Attorney (ADI)

Amanda Ng, Legal Fellow

Andrea Lino, Supervising Attorney (ADI)

Anna Rae Goethe, Staff Attorney (TSU)

Anne Recinos, Staff Attorney (LOP)

Bill Schwarz, Probono Coordinator and Accredited Representative

Calixto Torres-Santay, Legal Advocate (LOP)

Camila Maturana, Supervising Attorney (TSU)

Chris Stanislowski, Supervising Attorney (DRRU/LDN)

Elizabeth Benki, Supervising Attorney (LOP)

Emma Rekart, Staff Attorney (DRRU/LDN)

Gina (Virginia) Cole, Office Manager

Jenifer Becerril Pacheco, Legal Advocate (LOP)

Jenna Hain, Accredited Representative (LOP)

Jessie Rehms, Staff Attorney (ADI)

Julie Braker, Staff Attorney (ADI)

Karina Perez-Gonzalez, Accredited Representative (TSU)

Lesly Avila, Staff Attorney (ADI)

Lisa Herrera, Staff Attorney (LOP)

Lucy Boateng, Temporary Staff Attorney (TSU)

Maggie Davies, Staff Attorney (TSU)

Maria Cordero-Miranda, Accredited Representative (LOP)

Mariajose Cordero, Legal Advocate (ADI)

Olivia Saldaña Schulman, Staff Attorney (LOP)

Suresh Sampath, Staff Attorney (TSU)

Stacy Kowalski, Staff Attorney (TSU)

Steven Munoz, Staff Attorney (LOP)

Tim Warden-Hertz, Directing Attorney

Will Lopez, Legal Advocate (ADI)

Wenatchee Office

Alex Romero, Legal Fellow

Bethany Eichler, Supervising Attorney

Carmela Mendez, Office Manager / Receptionist

Cecilia Anguiano, Supervising Attorney

Chrystal Arceo-Rosales, Accredited Representative

Favio Perez, Staff Attorney

Grant Reichert, Supervising Attorney

Janet Moran, Accredited Representative

Madeline Wilson, Staff Attorney

Taylor Kenck, Staff Attorney

Teresa Smith, Staff Attorney

Vanessa Gutierrez, Directing Attorney